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Space Cowboys

Founded in March 2013, Space Cowboys is a brand new company/boardgame studio, but that much can't be said about its members, as the name may suggest.

The Space Cowboys project originally stems from Marc Nunes, Philippe Mouret and Croc, Asmodee's three founding (grand)fathers. After 23 years, you could say they've fallen into a certain routine, which is why they wanted to go back to their origins — that is, designing and publishing games. But even with as much vigor as they still have, you need more than three geezers to get a rocket going! They therefore asked two young technicians to join them on their journey: Cyril Demaegd (Ystari) and Sebastien Pauchon (GameWorks). As both of them agreed to come aboard, in the end the Space Cowboys team consists of five members.

The idea being "to publish games we find cool", the range of styles from Space Cowboys might end up being quite large. The future will tell...