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Osprey Games

Osprey Games is an imprint of Osprey Publishing for the board game publishing division of that company.

Osprey has always been closely linked to the wargaming hobby community, with its books being widely used as guides for painting miniatures and designing scenarios (some early Campaign series titles even having a dedicated ‘wargaming the campaign’ section), but it was only in early 2008, with the release of Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rules in conjunction with Slitherine Software Ltd., that Osprey stepped fully into the gaming arena. The success of these initial forays into publishing wargaming rules led to more projects, notably Bolt Action, in collaboration with Warlord Games, and the Osprey Wargames series of standalone rulesets. Eventually, the list had grown to such an extent that, in 2015, Osprey moved into another new phase of its life with the establishment of Osprey Games.

In an exciting new development, board and card games were added alongside the established wargaming lines and Osprey Games embarked on a range of games in different formats and packages. While military history remains a feature of the list (as seen in the new edition of the classic Escape From Colditz and the more recent release of the award-winning Undaunted series), it has grown to encompass a wide variety of themes, including (non-military) history, science fiction and fantasy, gardening, railway construction, and much more besides! This approach continued with the launch of the Osprey Roleplaying line in December 2019, which further increased the range of options for this award-winning games imprint.

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