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Minion Games

Minion Games is based in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. We are small group of game designers and artists that simply wish to get our products to market for all to enjoy. The easiest way to do that was to publish them ourselves.

Our games tend to be hybrid games - meaning we tend to make games that people who enjoy Euro games will likely enjoy, but we like to mix in heavy theme and even player conflict. This is a genre like we to call Euro-Trash. We like to make games with odd use of mechanics or strange themes. Our first wave of games was from a group of friends who make up the company, our second wave was for testing the waters on new and interesting ideas, and most recently our 3rd wave was to attempt to produce widely accepted games that still have a nitch interest.

WE DO TAKE SUBMISSIONS. We look for interesting takes on theme and new mechanics that appeal toward hard core Euro gamers. Send submissions to [email protected]

UPDATE : As of September of 2018 the company website says "...we are currently not seeking outside submissions."

We hope you enjoy our games!
you can find our games on the links at the bottom of this page.