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Ghost Galaxy

Ghost Galaxy is a new tabletop game publisher dedicated to combining the camaraderie and immediacy of traditional tabletop games with the power of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices.

They’re creating fun, innovative games for a new, digital age!

Ghost Galaxy was created and funded by Strange Stars, LLC, the investment and business incubation firm led by Christian T. Petersen, the founder and former CEO of Fantasy Flight Games and former CEO Asmodee North America. Christian strives to constantly improve the ways that tabletop games are played, sold, and produced. By his investment in Ghost Galaxy, he hopes to continue this tradition of innovation for a new generation.

Ghost Galaxy’s development director is Michael Hurley, former product development lead at Fantasy Flight Games and a former senior vice president at Asmodee North America. Michael has extensive experience bringing creative ideas to life from initial design concepts to final production.