RENTAL - Troyes Dice 1 lb 8.7 oz

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This is a rental game from our in-store library. It is available for 4-day rental at Just Games. It will not be shipped. 

You must have a credit card and valid ID to rent a game. 


  • On-Time Return Bonus: When returned on time, the full price of the rental will be credited to your in-store credit account. Example: you rent $50 of games. You return them on time, and $50 of store credit is added to your account.
  • Rentals may not be paid for with store credit or gift cards
  • Reward points may be redeemed for free rentals at a more favorable rate. See Memberships for details. 
  • Late games incur their entire rental fee as a penalty, in four day increments, starting on the first day late. This fee will be waved by returning the game. 
  • On-time return bonus will not be given for late games. 

Please note; attempting to have this game shipped will result in the cancellation of your order and the suspension of your member account.

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