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Rather Dashing Games

Rather Dashing Games began as a discussion around a campfire on an autumn camping trip in New England from a shared passion for games which were both enjoyable for hobbyists as well as being approachable for the more casual gamer. Easy to learn but rich in lore and mood, Rather Dashing title tend to involve relatively few mechanics in relation to the toolkit options given to players.

Our philosophy is if we aren't having fun, something is wrong and we hope that translates into our fine products, including the abstract strategy game Element, winner of the Cornerstone Collection Award from Boardgame Corner and a Seal of Excellence award from Dice Tower.

In March of 2018 Rather Dashing Games was acquired by Loren & Heather Coleman, owner of Catalyst Game Labs. This has allowed Rather Dashing to restructure, grow, and adapt to the ever changing and exciting world of games.

Stay Dashing, my friends!

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