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With IELLO, a premier games publisher and worldwide distributor in a fast-expanding industry, find all the games you want!

IELLO is a reference for board games, both nationally in France, where we come from, and in the world where we are expanding.

Armed with 15 years’ experience, we became experts in our field: proposing the best high-quality games on the market with games like King of Tokyo, Bunny Kingdom, TimeBomb and Little Town.

Having King of Tokyo under our belt, with its huge fan base and monster lovers, gives us the mission to provide more ways for fans to enjoy our games. We digitalised King of Tokyo on BoardGameArena and provided multiple expansions throughout the years, even full new games, like King of New York. We will give new players a novelty each year, so stay tuned and be ready to RAWWWR!!!!

IELLO adapts to each specific market places to enhance our catalog by building a trustworthy relationship with partners all around the world. Publishers believe in our capacity to make their game known all around the world, like Restoration Games with Unmatched and Downforce, or Ultra Pro with Shards of infinity.

IELLO means board games for everyone: family-oriented games, party games, strategy games, Mini Games (maxi fun), games for children, and our expert collection!

In this idea of finding the best game for you, we did not want to forget the expert players, who did not have a collection for multiple years, so we just made one! For our first, but not our last, expert creation, you can try Khôra – Rise of an Empire!

From our game table to yours, enjoy, and game on!

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