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Set up in 1991 by 3 of the 6 Gires brothers (Stéphane, Ludovic and Jean-Christophe), Gigamic produces international board games. Within 16 years, combining game wealth, material quality and aesthetic, Gigamic invented the concept of game object. Although Gigamic’s games are internationally distributed (they are translated in 30 languages). Gigamic games have a world-wide appeal. Three quarters are exported. They have won awards all over the world, and step-by-step are being considered as classics by many specialists.(Quarto, Quixo, Quorridor, etc.). Since 2001 the company has set up its own distribution in France, and sells to specialized retailers. Gigamic offers board games for any age range: Gigamic Kid, classic, Blue Orange, Zoch, Amigo, Drei Magier... and lots of brain-teasers. Up to now Gigamic gathers about 400 Board game’s references adapted to all.

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