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Corvus Belli

We are Corvus Belli, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the design and creation of tabletop and wargames.

The company was born with the idea of manufacturing metal miniatures.

The level of care dedicated to our games’ miniatures, their quality is a distinctive, non-negotiable trait of Corvus Belli.

As time goes by, we’ve evolved and grown.

We’re now much more than simple model designers, we have become the authors of entire universes. Our business is unique intellectual properties with a massive library of lore from scratch, serving as a background for all of our wargames and board games. Each IP (Intellectual Property) is developed with an original and attractive background that allows you to enjoy hours of fun in different formats.

By combining a rich background, carefully conceived game dynamics, awesome miniatures, and love for the hobby we share with our players, we’ve managed to create amazing games, highly valued in the market for their quality and the hours of entertainment they provide.

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