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Capstone Games

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Capstone Games is a publisher of modern board games that feature rich, evolving gameplay. We bring friends and family together for a fun, social experience through the medium of board games. Popular titles include Ark Nova, Watergate, Terra Mystica, Gaia Project, Pipeline, Irish Gauge, and many others. Whether you are looking for a quick 30-minute pop-up session like Juicy Fruits or Savannah Park or you are wanting a full experience provided with Ark Nova or Pipeline, Capstone Games has a game for every gamer!

In its catalog, aside from various standalone titles, Capstone Games has two lines of games that focus on specific elements of design and gameplay:

• The Simply Complex line features board games with a beautiful 3D table presence, relatively low rules overhead, and deep gameplay, accomplished in under one hour of play. On the surface, these games appear straightforward and simple, yet the strategies and tactics developed throughout the course of the games are more complex than originally thought. Deceptively complex gameplay is the essence of the Simply Complex line.

• The Iron Rail line focuses on rail network developments in various geographic regions around the world at a time when iron- and steam-powered locomotives were the best means of transportation. The series is dedicated to the robust iron railways built during this period in history. Player interaction, route building, and stock investments are key features of the Iron Rail series.

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