Zombie Ogre Paint Night & Class

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Learn to paint with us on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/RooksTable! Follow along on Sunday, Nov 1 starting at 2 pm. New and experienced painters welcome. We'll be painting a Zombie Ogre!

Pick up this paint kit and follow along. This kit will provide you with the mini we are working on, all of the paints you need, brushes, and more. If you can't tune in to Twitch, an included step by step tutorial will help you start painting!


  • 1 x D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniature Ogre Zombie
  • 12 x Expertly Curated Vallejo Paints
  • 2 x Brushes
  • 1 x Water pot and the ability to use the blister pack as the paint palette!
  • Access to an expert step-by-step tutorial

Pick up your kit any time before the event right at the store!

| Norm Deets

I picked up the Manticore paint night kit recently on clearance. I have always wanted to get into painting my miniatures, but have never really done any painting (other than walls). I found the online tutorial very easy to follow along with, and they do a nice job of explaining technique. They could be a little more in depth - for example when they said to dilute some sienna wash, they never really tell you how much to dilute it (my first attempt was definitely too heavy, then I thinned it too much before arriving at the right translucency. The explanation of dry brushing could have used a more thorough demo, but a little trial and error won the day again. I enjoyed it so much, I used the money I had saved (and then some) to pick up a few more paints and brushes at Just Games. I will definitely be doing the zombie ogre since I am currently DMing Tomb of Annihilation...

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