When I Dream

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Night has fallen and you sleep peacefully. It is the perfect opportunity for the minds of the dream to visit you and influence your dreams in good or in bad shape. Listen to the voice of the fairies, beware of the glove crackers and sand merchants. When the day rises, will you remember your dream? A part of when brick Dream is played in a series of sleeves equal to the number of players. Each handle is divided into 2 phases, day and night. During each sleeve, a player is the dreamer and must identify proposals based on the clues that other players will give him, in a word, while he has eyes covered by a sleep mask. Other players embody fairy, gaiters and sand merchants that score points differently. At the end of the night, the dreamer must return the Songe, remembering a maximum of dreamy elements ... preferably by embroidering and romancing to the maximum! The player who scores the most points at the end of the game is named a winner. When brick Dream is a family game, with a strong dreamy concept, served by simple and intuitive mechanics. The beautiful material is part of an exceptional atmosphere.


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