Strixhaven Play at Home Kit

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Grab a Strixhaven Play at Home Kit and jumpstart your Strixhaven experience! Each kit comes with

  • 3 Strixhaven Set Booster packs
  • 2 Kaldheim Draft Booster Packs
  • 2 Strixhaven Promo Booster Packs
  • For every THREE kits you buy you get 1 bonus FOIL Strixhaven Promo Pack

Roughly a value of 9-10 packs worth of rares, normally requiring you to open $40 or $50 of boosters, for just $24.99. Treat yourself!

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Rook’s Table 
Standard, Pauper, Commander
Weeknights after 7pm

Children’s Card Games
Commander, Modern
Weekdays after 6:00PM, anytime on weekends

Limited League
Once a week, 7:00PM

Commander Sundays
Sunday nights, 8:00pm

Magic: The Socially Distant Gathering
Draft, Standard, Commander
As scheduled, see chat at

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