Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield - Vivid Voltage Prerelease

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Vivid Voltage prerelease Kit 

Your purchase gets you:

  • 1 Build and Battle Pack
  • 4 Vivid Voltage Boosters
  • 2 Bonus Vivid Voltage Prize Boosters
  • 1 of Four Unique Foil Promo Cards (one of which is a super sweet Charizard!!!!
  • Energy to build and battle at home!
  • A Pokemon Hat! While supplies last!
  • A pack of random promo cards!
  • Fun! 

The online prerelease will be held Nov 1 at noon, in the Just Games Discord server for Pokemon (located here! https://discord.gg/XUrxB7b) You'll need a webcam to play in this one, so people can see your cards. 

Alternatively, you can play at home, which requires nothing more than buying one of these prereleases and then playing at home! Easy!

Please note that due to the high level of collectability of the prerelease promos, and the multiple buyouts online, we reserve the right to cancel any order greater than 4 prerelease kits, without further notice, minus a 5% fee (to cover the credit card processing fee and our costs). 

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