Paperback Unabridged

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Paige Turner is back with a new, unabridged collection of novels. Explore over 100 new cards, including triple letters, typos, asterisks, lowercase letters, and so much more. Paperback Unabridged, the expansion to the bestselling word game, Paperback.

  • Lowercase Letter Cards A whole new type of victory card that provide ¢ when played... and Fame at the end of the game.
  • New Starting Wilds Wild cards with a twist.
  • New Common Cards Spice up the words you spell with the harder-to-use vowels.
  • New Fame Cards All-new Fame cards (with new values) - each with brand new art from Ryan Goldsberry!
  • Asterisk Cards New and easier way to get wilds into your deck, without sacrificing ¢ down the road.
  • Typos Be careful not to write too quickly or you might end up hitting the wrong key.


  • 12 Fame Cards
  • 2 Common Vowel Cards
  • 25 Starter Wild Cards
  • 8 Asterisk Cards
  • 4 Dumpster Dive Cards
  • 9 Lower Case Cards
  • 6 New Trash Cards
  • 8 Triple-Letter Cards
  • 12 Typo Cards
  • 20 Additional Letter Cards
  • All Cards Printed on Linen Finish 300gsm cardstock
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