Doodle Rush

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Doodle Rush: Fast and Furious Family Fun! In our Doodle Rush board game, players compete to draw 6 pictures in 60 seconds and then guess what's in each other’s drawings in the next 60 seconds. With simultaneous game play, Doodle Rush players will always be drawing or guessing - there’s no time for distraction, you need to be quick on the draw! Perfect for parties and ideal for children over 10, adults and teenagers to play together, the family friendly board game requires 3-6 players, and consists of 6 consecutive rounds of drawing and guessing, and each round is just one minute each - it's literally a 6-minute board game. At the end of the game, points are awarded for correct guesses and deducted for unguessed drawings, so you need to be speedy AND accurate! Each Doodle Rush board game includes: 175 double-sided word cards 36 drawing boards 6 felt-tip markers 1 cleaning cloth 1 sand timer game rules It's fast, it's loud, and it's heaps of fun!

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