Cypher System Core Book

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Victorian horror? Epic fantasy? Espionage? Space epic between galaxies? The volume you hold in your hands adapts the Cypher System, acclaimed and critically awarded for Numenéra and The Strange - The Anomaly, to an infinite number of possible campaigns and genres, providing you with a complete set of rules and hundreds of options of the character, creatures, crypto and other resources. Everything you need to play any game with the Cypher System!
Take the Cypher System to the limits of your imagination, with this full-bodied manual of rules that extends the system to fantasy, science fiction, horror, contemporary, superhero environments and all those created by your imagination. This volume includes:
• A complete game rulebook.
• Genre-specific rules and advice for fantasy, contemporary, science fiction, horror or superhero games.
• Rules for vehicle combat, craftsmanship, character insights and more.
• Four new character types, each highly customizable according to your setting, in addition to 50 descriptors and more than 70 focuses.
• Equipment pages and pages, hundreds of crypto and artifacts, and nearly 70 creatures and NPCs.
• A great and easy guide for the Game Master on how to adapt the Cypher System to a variety of environments, and how to conduct fast, fun and exciting games.
• New rules, systems and content to use with Numenéra and The Strange - The Anomaly.

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