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The 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus

The 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus

Softcover, Premium Color Book (8.5" x 11")

The 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus


In the beginning there was Chaos.

From Chaos, the Earth was born, and she created the Heavens to be her husband.

Together the Heavens and the Earth filled the world with their children, terrible monsters more powerful than the gods of man.

These monsters were the first beings to tread upon the world, but now they are gone.

Some sleep deep in the sea, some cast beyond the stars, and others trapped not in the spaces we know, but between them.

When their father, the Heavens, so decrees, these monsters shall return and resume their mastery of the Earth.

The Old Ones were,

The Old Ones are,

And the Old Ones shall be once again

—muttered by Lucius Covis, once a great philosopher, but now a wandering madman; a veteran of The Shadow War.


Cthulhu Invictus is a tabletop roleplaying setting for the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu 7oleplaying game.  It is a game of adventure and investigative horror set in ancient Rome. This 2nd edition of the original Cthulhu Invictus setting is a complete re-imagination of the setting written specifically for the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu rules. The Roman Empire is at war, a secret war against the forces of evil, darkness, and chaos; The Shadow War. This book contains everything you need to bring your Call of Cthulhu game into the World of Cthulhu Invictus, with…


New professions, investigator backgrounds, updated combat rules, new monsters, cults, magical artifacts, patrons, and investigator societies.


Includes new optional rules covering Infection, Ill Omens, exceptionally well crafted weapons and armor, sanity recovery, luck burning and recovery, and so much more!


For Call of Cthulhu, 7th Edition.  You must have at least one copy of the Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Rulebook and Call of Cthulhu Investigators Handbook to play Cthulhu Invictus

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