Call to Adventure

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Call to Adventure is a game about choices. Do you begin as a Peasant or a Noble? Do you train your Strength or seek out Wisdom? Do you follow the path of a Hero or Antihero? Will your backstory ultimately be tragic or triumphant?

On every step of your hero's journey, you'll have to choose between immediate rewards and long-term potential. Do you push your luck and face a daunting Challenge now, or build your Abilities until you're truly ready?

The Call To Adventure base game contains everything that 1-4 players need for unlimited hero crafting fun. High-quality components, including over 150 Tarot-sized cards, bring the game to life. Each set contains:

45 Character Cards

92 Story Cards

44 Hero and Antihero Cards

4 Player Mats

24 Custom Acrylic Runes

40 Experience Tokens

11 Adversary Quests

Full-Color Rulebook

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