Call of Cthulhu Tales of the Caribbean

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Across the azure waters of Caribbean Sea, under the warmth of the tropical sun, are more than seven hundred islands which make up many nations. Their citizens are a mix of native and colonial peoples, with unique cultures and traditions. But, there are many dark shadows in paradise. For upon these same islands are, unknown to most people, countless horrors which lurk just beyond the perception of mankind. Under the waves and deep in the jungles, beyond coral reefs and within smoldering volcanoes, stalking through sugarcane fields and banana groves, are the dark powers of the Cthulhu Mythos. 

As always a few brave and resourceful men and women learn the truth. These heroes then stand before the darkness to face the untold horrors beyond human understanding. These are a few of their stories. Golden Goblin Press is very proud to bring you Tales of the Caribbean.

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