Arkham Horror LCG Invocation at Home [Host your own!]

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The Arkham Horror Invocation is usually an in-store event! Due to COVID restrictions, the 2020 event was pushed far out into the future. Well, that future is now, and we're offering this as a PLAY AT HOME event. For this round, you're hosting your own event! This ticket assumes you have 2-4 players in your house who are ready to play Arkham Horror! You do not need a webcam for this event, however you may use our Discord server voice channels for your game if you choose. Email [email protected] for details setting this up, we can also walk you through equipping your remote players with a webcam for game play if you have someone who wants to participate from outside your home. 

The event host is responsible for picking up your event materials and distributing them to their players at home. Each "Invocation at Home" kit comes with:

  • 1 Copy of The Blob that Ate Everything
  • 7 extended art promo cards for each player
  • 4 deckboxes for each player
  • 4 random sodas (to give you that genuine "game store clique" feel)
  • 1 playmat for the victor 

Instructions for running this scenario are included. 

If you have questions about how to run this event, please refer to the Floor Rules for 

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